Monday, January 19, 2009

What the Heck is Love Inc?!

In the early phases of our Love INC’s development, we identified four priority needs: financial counseling and support, access to quality used furniture, affordable auto repair for low income and single parent households, and expanded access to recovery support for people fighting addiction.

Volunteers are needed to help develop these gap ministries.

Budget Counseling / Mentoring

Individuals seeking help through Love INC will meet with a budget counselor or attend a financial management class. Clients will be able to receive one-on-one counseling and / or attend an eight-week course using Love INC materials.

Furniture Ministry

More than just a furniture bank, but also a repair shop for furniture, appliances and bicycles; and a resale store to sell these same items at a low cost.

Car Repair Ministry

This ministry will allow individuals who are actively seeking to live responsibly acquire and maintain reliable vehicles. After completing the Love INC intake and training process, clients will be matched with participating mechanics.

Access to Recovery

Access to Recovery (ATR II) is a program administered by the Missouri Department of Mental Health, that funds services delivered by the faith community to individuals recovering from addiction. Love INC will provide assessment and referral services and act as the hub for the ATR network in Central Missouri.

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